CAD collaborates with SCP/RAC in promoting green entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean

CAD collaborates with the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC) in the implementation of a green entrepreneurship strategy in the Mediterranean, in a project funded by the EU within the framework of the SwitchMed initiative.

The SCP/RAC Green Entrepreneurship Programme aims to promote the adoption of new green and socially inclusive business models, targeting new businesses and promoting sustainable consumption patterns and values among consumers and civil society. It provides training, technical assistance and financial support services, visibility services and stakeholder engagement in eight Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Israel).

The Programme has trained more than 1500 green entrepreneurs since 2014 and provides personalized support to 25 others in the areas of waste managementorganic food and renewable energy. It has also promoted a community of green entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean, aimed at creating sustainable and inclusive business models and inspiring more and more entrepreneurs.

Since August, CAD has been working with the SCP/RAC to define the future strategy of the programme for the region. The collaboration consists of reviewing the effectiveness of the Programme’s services and evaluating the demand and feasibility of the Programme’s expansion in the future. At the same time, it will develop a financing scheme and a revenue model concept. CAD supports the SCP/RAC in its mission to progressively change the modes of consumption and production in the Mediterranean towards a more circular economy.