CAD Productions

Images that change the world:
documentaries that address sustainable human development challenges

A social documentary production company, created to showcase success stories of communities and individuals achieving development goals

Discover some change-inspiring stories:

REDD+ Human Impact Stories and Videos
'Akiyayá': Historias africanas de emprendedores y soñadores
The Transition: from Conflict to Development in Liberia
Subnational Doing Business

Towards the Human City

Inspiring stories that make cities more livable

Towards the Human City identifies, documents and communicates initiatives that make cities more humane and inclusive and inspire citizens to take action

Watch some stories of individuals transforming  their cities:

Initiative 35 Making a Difference - MAD (Hong Kong)
Initiative 11 Lab para la Ciudad (Mexico D.F.)
Initiative 22 Koto Foundation (Hanoi)
Initiative 2 Bogota Cómo Vamos

Ensurecer Foundation

Cultural management for development

Ensurecer promotes a conscious citizenry based on solidarity, engaged in building a better future for all.

Its work is structured in two main strategies:

Promote initiatives
Promote initiatives

Fostering cultural diversity and the exchange of creative processes for a more inclusive development

Promote social entrepreneurship
Promote social entrepreneurship

Inclusive businesses and other sustainable income-generating activities by young people

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