CAD delivers a workshop on inclusive markets to the leaders of Action Against Hunger

CAD delivered a three-days training on Inclusive Market Programming to global leaders of Action Against Hunger, in the frame of the international technical workshop held every year by the organisation.

The workshop, which ran from Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 September, provided a general understanding of the potential of the inclusive business and the adoption of a value chain approach to empower the communities Action Against Hunger works with.

During the training, participants strengthen their capacities to manage effective and efficient inclusive business programmes in the regions where they are working and reflected on their capacity and potential in partnerships building. The goal is to achieve a better harmonisation of multisectoral response to nutritional outcomes.

Furthermore, CAD provided insights on the  Inclusive Market Programming approach in order to support the attendees in the articulation of the framework for market-based programs, considering the nutrition security policy of the organisation.

For more than ten years, and on a regular basis, CAD organises, conducts and facilitates workshops on topics such as PartnershipsResults-Based ManagementSMEs Development and Climate Change.

CAD has trained members of governments, international organisations, private companies and NGOs in a way they are embedded into the organisation’s objectives while promoting at the same time win-win scenarios for development.