About Us

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Foto: Maite Caramés

The GlobalCAD Network ​​is an action platform where professionals from different disciplines work to enhance human development and promote the transition towards sustainable development. Through a strategic advisory center for development, a social documentary producer, a center that promotes inclusive business and a foundation that promotes culture and entrepreneurship, experts associated to The GlobalCAD Network ​​generate knowledge to help solve major global challenges.

The GlobalCAD Network consists of a committed group of experts from different disciplines working towards a common goal: to generate transformative knowledge that empowers communities and to achieve a higher development for all.

Aware that the main global challenges related to development, including the eradication of poverty, access to education and health, gender equity or the achievement of a sustainable relationship with the ecosystem cannot be solved unilaterally; GlobalCAD ​​promotes interdisciplinary solutions through strategic partnerships for development.

For this purpose it has created the following four centers from which promote their development solutions:

CAD: Consultancy firm that promotes sustainable and inclusive development through cross-sector partnerships offering technical assistance, strategic advice and capacity building.


CAD Productions: Social documentary audiovisual producer that promotes awareness strategies through visual pieces designed to communicate best practices in the field of development.


CINI: Business Innovation Centre to foster inclusive innovative initiatives that generate sustainable economic development and respond to major challenges.


ENSURECER: Foundation devoted to promote entrepreneurship and the multiculturalism by way of promoting changes towards a more humane and sustainable development.