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Projects carried out by CAD to contribute to human development:

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Union for the Mediterranean

Assistance to the Med Blue Economy Platform

GlobalCAD will be providing IT and communication/outreach expertise to maintain up and running, consolidate, further upgrade and monitor the Mediterranean Blue Economy Stakeholder Platform.

Blue Economy, Blue Growth, Sustainability

Overall project management of the online information platform Startfinder

The project's goal is to provide overall project management services for the German online information platform for refugees Startfinder.

Germany, Refugee

Baseline study for the Trade Fair, Live Fair project

This baseline study for the Trade Fair, Live Fair project, fosters more resilient livelihoods for the producers and workers engaged in the production of the products consumed within the EU.

Inclusive Business
Barcelona Activa - Barcelona City Council

Pilot Service to support entrepreneurs on social economy projects

Design, implementation and evaluation of a new service to support social initiatives

C&A Foundation

Evaluation of the C&A Store/Community Giving Program

CAD conducted an evaluation of C&A Store/Community Giving Program.

European Commission

Innovation Demonstration for a Competitive and Innovative European Water Reuse Sector

Enhancing of the availability and reliability of innovative water reuse solutions and creating a unified professional identity for the European Water Reuse sector.

CSR Europe

Europe 2020 – Workshops on Inclusive Business

Support to private sector companies in the definition of innovative inclusive business models

Belgium, France, Spain
Apr. 2011 - Jul.2013

Feasibility study on the market potential for energy efficiency measures in pre-fabricated buildings

A study of the technical and economic potential of the integration of energy efficiency in prefabricated buildings based on a market approach

International Finance Corporation

Armenia Doing Business Reform

Assistance in the implementation of inspection reforms

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