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Projects carried out by CAD to contribute to human development:

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Cities Alliance

Documentation Services for The Joint Work Programme on Equitable Economic Growth

Documentation services and knowledge products

The World Bank

Stakeholders engagement, knowledge and communications on coastal zone management in West Africa

Capacity development and improving information and knowledge about climate change related coastal erosion.

Benín, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo
2016 - 2017
UN Development Programme

Design of Integrated Coastal Management and Adaptation Strategic Plan

Development of a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment

Barcelona Activa - Barcelona City Council

Pilot Service to support entrepreneurs on social economy projects

Design, implementation and evaluation of a new service to support social initiatives

Interamerican Development Bank

Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement on REDD+ & Readiness Activities in Guyana

Promotion of knowledge sharing, awareness and engagement.

2017 - 2019
UN Volunteers

Final Evaluation of UNV’s Strategic Framework 2014-2017

Evaluation of the UNV Strategic Framework (SF) 2014-2017

2016 - 2017
Global Green Growth Institute

Consultancy Services for Implementing the Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA)

The objective of this assignment is to apply the Green Growth Potential Assessment to Nepal to support the government in carrying out a gap analysis as a preliminary step toward the mainstreaming of green growth into development planning.

Aug. 2016 - Dec. 2016
Cities Alliance

Promoting The Urban Agenda In The Post 2015/SDGs Process Towards Habitat III

CAD supports the development of a three-year action plan/roadmap to disseminate the selected key advocacy messages to targeted audiences and provide PR services.

United Nations Population Fund

Consultancy on Private Sector mapping & database set up in East and Southern Africa

The mapping aims to identify main potential partners and provide specific guidance on resource mobilization strategy for 23 countries and Regional Office.

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