UNICEF - Study on how businesses active in the MENA Region are engaged in supporting education, youth engagement, youth skilling and employability

Algeria, Egypt, Libia, Marocco, Tunisia

GlobalCAD developed a study to support the identification of companies, business sectors or multi-stakeholder platforms that provide strategic opportunities for UNICEF to seek partnerships or engage to promote UNICEF’s work in education, youth participation, youth skills and youth employability.

Specifically, this work involved:

Undertaking a comprehensive review of what and how key companies, business sectors and multi-stakeholder business platforms in the MENA region are currently doing to support these programmatic areas

Designing a consultative process to engage with key companies, business sectors and multi-stakeholder platforms to assess current activities and their impact, assess stakeholder interest in working with UNICEF to accelerate progress on issues affecting young people (out-of-school children, high youth unemployment, lack of skills alignment with labor market requirements, gender disparities in labor market access, etc.) and understand what would be important considerations for these stakeholders when partnering with UNICEF