Final Evaluation of the Knowledge Gateway on Empower Women

The main purpose of this final evaluation for UN Women is to assess the relevance, results and potential impact of the “Knowledge Gateway on Women’s Economic Empowerment” project, publicly known as Empower Women.

The consultant team provided the following services:

Reconstruction of Empower Women’s theory of change and design of the evaluation methodologies and instruments, including a mixed methods approach and integration of gender equality and human rights dimension

Review and analysis of project documents, stakeholder mapping and sampling for data collection

Qualitative and quantitative data collection with a wide range of stakeholders including Empower Women users, partners (international organizations, private sector, foundations, NGOs etc.) and UN Women staff on a global scale through online surveys, online focus groups and semi-structured interviews

Data analysis and elaboration of final evaluation report

Presentation of findings and recommendations to UN Women HQ in New York

Presentation of findings and recommendations to selected stakeholders in a webinar