The Green Leap to an Inclusive Economy

Two emerging business trends pertain to the development of new, sustainable technologies to improve the environment, and the fight against poverty by better serving and including the poor at the base of the pyramid. Both trends have evolved in parallel, neglecting the multiple links between the environment and the vicious cycles of poverty. The Green Leap is a key point of leverage in transforming the global economy toward inclusion and sustainability. This project involved different members of the BoP Global Network (a consortium of more than 30 labs, hubs and innovation centers focused on conceptualizing, incubating and scaling the sustainable and inclusive innovations) to present a detailed analysis of case studies and tools designed to improve the efficiency management of inclusive business models and promote the transition towards a new economic system that unites both models.

The project culminated with the publication of a book structured around seven strategic transitions to promote the transition towards a new form of sustainable capitalism. This latter is featured by a market system focused on innovating new, sustainable production and consumption patterns; ensuring equal economic opportunities for all, and an environmentally sustainable economy where decisions and strategies reflect the full value of resources and costs of waste and pollution.



Services Provided:

Coordination with the BoP Global Network affiliates for the identification and pre-selection of case studies and tools

Analysis of the case studies and tools to validate and select the most pertinent ones

Documentary research and data analysis for the development of the publication concept

Development and edition of the publication