The business sector engagement in water, sanitation and hygiene: a landscape analysis for East Asia and the Pacific

UNICEF’s WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) Strategy 2016-2030 aims to response to the SDG Goal 6. Its emphasis on the need to empower and engage the private sector in the WASH in order to deliver sustainable services for all, with a focus on the marginalized and unserved populations including those in both urban and rural areas.

In this context, GlobalCAD’s objective for the assignment was to assess the landscape of the business sector in and for WASH in the East Asia and Pacific region. The analysis focused on businesses with impacts on communities and the environment, business as a source of technology, innovation and financing and affordable WASH goods and services and business with influence to advocate for children’s rights, including the right to safe drinking water and to adequate sanitation.


Services Provided:

Assessing the private sector contribution to WASH in East Asia & Pacific countries using the programming approaches from the WASH Strategy

Provide a typology of private sector working in WASH or are interested working in WASH in selected countries

Assess country readiness in diverse role in engaging private sector in WASH and Identify options for country offices to work with businesses

Develop a 'playbook' of options for Private sectors to engage with country programme

Develop guidance for Country programme in engaging with Private sector

Develop an interactive platform in engaging water, sanitation communities with Business in learning, innovation and creativity.