Study on Enabling Environment for Private Sector Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation Project

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GGGI is supporting the Fiscal Policy Agency of the Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance to implement the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme in Indonesia.

One of the outcomes of the Readiness Project is to enhance the engagement of private sector actors in climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts. Whilst efforts on climate change mitigation, including contribution from the private sector, are more advanced than the ones on adaptation, the Readiness project seeks to address this disparity.

The project seeks to:

Identify opportunities, challenges, needs and gaps for private sector engagement (including micro-, small and medium enterprises) and leverage their ability to implement adaptation projects.

Assess the financial ecosystem in Indonesia to identify factors that enable or discourage private sector investments in adaptation projects.

Conduct a market research on potential private sectors to be engaged in climate change adaptation projects and develop a roadmap to mobilise (private) finance for project implementation.