Stakeholders engagement, knowledge and communications on coastal zone management in West Africa

Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo
2016 - 2017

The project aims at setting up a process that leads to local level ownership of public policies and promoting sound coastal management practices in Benin, Ivory Coast, Togo and Ghana. GlobalCAD, together with WE&B, is responsible to develop the communication strategy to generate stakeholder’s engagement and to produce the relevant communication materials to foster knowledge sharing among them. To achieve the goal of the project, cases studies, a Communication and Awareness Plan, and Guidance Notes are developed by GlobalCAD and WE&B. A knowledge-sharing event is also organized to ensure knowledge transfer.

Photo: antonella sinopoli on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Services provided: 

Identify the communications objectives, targets, outputs and needs in support awareness about sustainable coastal management practices

Prepare a summary of the WAEMU/IUCN regional study for shoreline monitoring and the coastal management scheme

Develop guidance notes or fact sheets on sustainable coastal management in West Africa customized to different target audiences

Develop case studies in order to offer a platform for regional practitioners to exchange, and give opportunities for stakeholders to advance further climate resilient practices

Organize one knowledge sharing event (North/South and South/South), including the organization, facilitation and reporting of the event