Regional Private Sector Market Assessment in Senegal

03/2021 - 07/2021

Assessment of the potential for private sector engagement and partnerships, especially in terms of resource mobilization, in the different regions where UNFPA operates and recommendation of key strategies to unlock these opportunities.

  1. Context Analysis
  2. Data collection & analysis
  3. Private Sector Market Assessment
  4. Interactive Participatory Workshops with UNFPA representatives for validation



Services Provided:

Context Analysis: Analysing the general context of the regional offices including existing regional strategies and existing RM strategies, current partners and knowledge products

Data collection & analysis: Document review and investigation, online interviews with stakeholders, private sector organizations mapping and analysis

Private Sector Market Assessment: Assessment of the potential of the private sector and definition of the actions and specific recommendations to maximize UNFPA partnership strategy's potential in the medium, short and long term, and roadmaps for each partnership opportunity pre-identified

Interactive Participatory Workshops with UNFPA representatives for validation: Development of a workshop to present key findings and validate them to consolidate the final reports.