Proposal to support the elaboration of an Open Government strategy in Catalonia


The establishment of an open government needs a strategy to lead to new practices within the institutions, to involve the citizenry and at the same time to generate recognition from the international community with the aim of amplifying action and distributing knowledge. This action must be inspired by the search for innovative proposals, in a field marked by the dynamism of technologies, ways of action and opportunities that are still being explored.
In this sense, GlobalCAD proposed to carry out an open government strategy for the Government of Catalonia based on four phases:

1) the analysis of the context of open government at the international level;
2) the identification of the leading actors and the main initiatives (best practices) in Catalonia;
3) the definition of the axes of positioning of the Generalitat in this context, which give the institution a recognizable and unique identity as leaders in the sector;
4) the design of a roadmap that will mark the path to this positioning.



Services Provided:

Contribute to the strengthening of the open government strategy of the Government of Catalonia

Develop an international positioning strategy through a conceptual framework of priority axes in the field of open government

Mapping the most relevant actors and initiatives related to Open Government in Catalonia

Elaborate an open government strategy for Catalonia to be selected as part of the Open Government Partnership