Promotion of social entrepreneurship & creating inclusive women owned social enterprises with a focus on the green and sustainable economy

Social enterprises are providing alternative measures to promote social and economic reintegration of the most disadvantaged into society, especially women and youth, and as such contribute significantly to reduce gender inequalities on the labour market and in the society in general.

The objective of the assignment was to support the economic empowerment and social (re)integration of the most excluded with focus on women in the upper Vjosa river basin, through creation of an enabling environment and direct support for the development of social enterprises.

Identification of potential women or women’s groups or organizations interested to obtain the social enterprise registration status and strengthen their capacities on social entrepreneurship

Mentor potential social enterprises, in compliance with the legal criteria, and support the development of business plans, marketing plans and registration of the social enterprises

Support the new social enterprises to develop documentation and applications to access the Social Enterprise Fund

Support the launch and promotion of the newly established social enterprises

Develop and carry public information activities in the Gjirokastër Region about the potential and benefits of social entrepreneurship targeting public stakeholders at the local level to support and promote social enterprises