P4G partnership evaluation

This initiative had the ambition of becoming the world’s leading forum for developing concrete public-private partnerships at scale to deliver on the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement; P4G launched a first call for partnerships with a total 450 application received. Together with independent evaluators, a rigorous review process was conducted to determine 24 finalists, of which P4G awarded start-up funding of up to $100,000 to 11 promising early stage partnerships that need support to consolidate the partnership or test the feasibility of innovative approaches. A second call for partnerships was launched on 30 November 2018. TPI and GlobalCAD conducted a review to assess the applications for this second call for partnerships and created an additional level of depth that will support WRI to evaluate the results of its approach to date and simultaneously gain deep knowledge on how to maximize results for the future.


GlobalCAD was chosen to work with WRI on the second part of the P4G project in 2022.


Services Provided:

Review of the P4G’s evaluation criteria and propose an evaluation robust system for project selection

Shortlist for prospective P4G partnerships by developing a systematic approach of selecting the most appropriate partnerships

Scale-up partnership strategy for applicants selected by developing a common diagnostic framework through data analysis and synthesis

Elaboration of a final report with recommendations