Overall support to the UfM Environment Agenda

The objective of this project was to provide technical assistance to the Environment and Blue Economy Division of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean. GlobalCAD aided with the implementation of the ongoing environment and blue economy agenda. GlobalCAD also aided with the promotion of the UfM post 2020 environment and blue economy agendas. They did this in collaboration with the climate change agenda and with the UfM member countries’ indications.

The original contract, which lasted until 2021, was extended until 2022.


Services Provided:

Technical support to the Environment agenda the Blue Economy agenda in terms of assistance to UfM initiatives, programs and projects with:
•Internal project evaluation processes towards UfM labelling
•Monitoring and implementation of initiatives, program and projects
•Policy dialogue with other initiatives in the region and internationally
•Organization of events
•Dissemination of information
•Stakeholder engagement and reporting
•Technical support to the Climate agenda and dossier including overview and assessment of National Determined Contributions at Mediterranean level and assistance for the Working Group on Environment and Climate Change