Organizational and Management Consulting for Inclusive Business Coaching and Mentoring

October 2021 - October 2022

The Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN), a global program under GIZ and financed by BMZ and EU (until 2021), contracted GlobalCAD to prepare an inclusive business coaching and mentoring tool for Cambodia, pilot test it in cooperation with key stakeholders (esp. business facilitators) in the country, and make suggestion to broaden the tool for use in other ASEAN countries. The objective of this tender was to deliver the “Inclusive Business Coaching and Mentoring Guide(IB-CM)”in order to achieve more and better inclusive business lines that help reduce poverty and improve living standards of the people at the base of the socio-economic pyramid (BoP); promote companies to develop more and better inclusive business lines; and engage key stakeholders, notably intermediaries, government and development partners (see target group) in Cambodia apply the IB-CM when they conduct or commission business coaching or mentoring activities for (member) companies. Ultimately, the final output of this project was to ensure that an IB-CM with concrete tools was (a) developed, (b) piloted, (c) accepted and institutionalized by key stakeholders and (d) shared with ASEAN.


Services Provided:

Define the collaboration, communication and exchange of information with IBAN, MISTI and core experts

Assessment of status quo workshops for selection and mentoring processes

IB model for the exploration-outline-development and mentoring

Organize 6 capacity building workshops

Create a communication and dissemination strategy to promote IB-CM among key stakeholders

Design and implement coaching tools to to accompany the transformation of companies in IB