Design of Integrated Coastal Management and Adaptation Strategic Plan

The project aimed at addressing key climate change-induced challenges of the coastal community, followed by provision of recommendations of integrated measures of the physical and socio-economic impacts of CC on coastal ecosystems. The assignment serves as a foundation for any coastal ecosystem conservation in Timor-Leste and crucial input into the development of a national shoreline management and adaptation plan.
The project is divided into two parts, the development of a Coastal Vulnerability Assessment, including extensive field surveys and community consultations, to assess the biophysical and socio-economic aspects related to vulnerability, as well as the development of a strategic adaptation plan for coastal areas.
Photo: Carlos Ugarte en Flickr (CC-BY-NC-2.0)

Services provided:

Overall coordination and management of activities

Implementation of stakeholder consultations and community consultations

Analysis of socio-economic aspects with regards to vulnerability of coastal areas

Responsible for the development of adaptation options and priorization of adaptation options

Development of Adaptation Strategic Plan for Coastal Areas in Timor-Leste