Mapping of potential donors and resource mobilization guidance for 17 Country Offices

In order to assist UNFPA Country Offices in their Partnership and Resource Mobilization strategies, GlobalCAD conducted a mapping of potential donors for UNFPA in Latin America and the Caribbean for the Regional Office (LACRO). The mapping, aimed to give an indicative summary of the resource mobilization; donor and foundation landscape highlighting potential partners for UNFPA country offices (17 country offices) and provide high-level direction for resource mobilization action planning, including possible strategies for resource mobilization.

Services provided

Detailed mapping of traditional and private donors, and identification of the countries where it is legally allowed to sign co-financing agreements with the government in more than 17 country offices, and for the regional office.

List of donors to be approached and countries where it is possible to do co-financing agreements with Governments (national or sub-national) in order of priority.

Individual Matrix for each country office and for the regional office