Implementation of a sustainable business model for micro insurances in Central America

Oct. 2012 - May 2013

The overall project objective is to reduce the vulnerability of micro-entrepreneurs and the low-income population of Central America. This will be done by the design and implementation of a sustainable micro insurance model for REDCAMIF (the Microfinance Network of Central America and the Caribbean) in collaboration with insurance companies and MFIs that operate in the region. In this context, the special objective of the consultancy services is to design and implement a capacity building program for the staff of participating MFIs in order to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge for an effective commercialization of micro insurances, and for the implementation of financial education workshops for the clients.

Services provided

Analysis of the microinsurance markets and related regulations in Central America

Analysis of institutional capacity and training needs of microfinance institutions (MFI) and clients

Development of capacity building modules in financial education with a special focus on microinsurance, directed at the institutional level of MFIs and at the client level

Development and implementation of a blended learning capacity building strategy

Implementation of online training and implementation of Training of Trainers workshops in 6 countries of Central America

Monitoring and Evaluation of training results and further implementation of capacity building by the trained trainers

Elaboration of final report with lessons learned and recommendations for a sustainable implementation of the microinsurance model in Central America