ICEX - Accompanying consultancy for the ICEX Impact+ program in Latin America

As part of the ICEX Impact+ program, GlobalCAD implemented a methodology for identifying business opportunities in low-income markets, linking them with Spanish companies and structuring viable, sustainable and inclusive business models.

To this end, GlobalCAD provided support to ICEX in:

  • Demand analysis. Study of unmet needs in the Base of the Pyramid population segment in the countries of interest to ICEX
    Identification of specific business opportunities for Spanish companies to meet the needs of the low-income segment of the population in the countries of interest to ICEX
    Identification of local partners and other potential stakeholders linked to these business opportunities (connection with the local market)
    Dissemination and linking of these business opportunities with Spanish companies with interest in these markets with specific tools
    Selection of those Spanish companies with the greatest potential to develop business opportunities.
    Accompanying the selected companies in their prospection to these markets
    Structuring of inclusive business models that are viable for the selected companies in these markets.
    The development of co-creation actions with communities and stakeholders in the country within the framework of the supported opportunities
    Preparation of a preliminary business plan for those selected companies interested in developing one of the previously structured inclusive business models