Green Growth and Human Capital Development in Sub-Saharan Africa in-depth analysis and assessment

Dec. 2013 – Mar. 2014

The requested service is an in-depth analysis of green growth implications on human capital development in Sub-Saharan Africa looking at what policies, sector strategies or business models do not only provide green growth but also have a positive impact on job creation, poverty reduction and better service delivery in health and education.

Services provided

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the interrelation and implications between Green Growth and Human Capacity Development.

Assessing training needs for job creation in Africa to promote more environmentally sustainable practices.

The relationship between labour markets and green growth policies and an assessment of the impact of green growth policies on increased job creation.

Review and propose a list of potential indicators and measures to track progress as countries transition to green and inclusive growth.

Provide recommendations on key steps to transition to green growth.