Final Evaluation of UNV’s Strategic Framework 2014-2017

UNV is active in 130 countries with field presence in over 80 countries, and administered by UNDP. The main focus of this evaluation was the UNV Strategic Framework (SF) 2014-2017 and its associated strategies, policies, and implementation mechanisms at global, regional and country level.

Photo: Joëlle on Flickr  (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Services provided:

Elaboration of a detailed evaluation methodology

Stakeholder mapping at a global level

Elaboration of data collection instruments, applying a mixed methods approach

Data collection through desk review, online surveys, field visits, semi-structured interviews and focus groups

Processing of quantitative and qualitative data, data analysis and elaboration of the final evaluation report, including case studies

Presentation of Final Evaluation Document with findings, conclusions, lessons learned and actionable recommendations