Evaluation of the Country Program 2020-2024

Photo: Embajada de EEUU en Paraguay on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA)

GlobalCAD and its team of consultants carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the UNICEF cooperation program in Paraguay for the period 2020-2024, analyzing the fulfilment of objectives and results, as well as its impact on national childhood and adolescent policies.

Within the framework of this consultancy, the relevance, coherence and sustainability of the program will be evaluated in relation to UNICEF’s global objectives and the Sustainable Development Goals. The team also examines the program management model, evaluates the integration of gender, equity and intercultural approaches, and works on identifying lessons learned and formulating recommendations to guide the design of the next country program 2025-2029.


Reconstruction of the Theory(s) of Change

Preparation of an initial report

Document review

Field information collection

Triangulation of secondary and primary information

Preparation of final report and other products