CSR of German companies in Latin America

 The study provides strategic recommendations – for companies interested in investing in developing countries as well as for the German Global Compact Focal point and relevant German ministries such as the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs – on how companies can maximize their impacts on the triple bottom line and in relation to development goals in Latin America. Client: GTZ -(German Technical Cooperation).

Services provided


Describe the level of integration of CR into German Companies and perform a gap analysis on how German private sector is managing CR and Global Compact Principles.

Identify the main challenges and concerns companies have when investing in developing countries in order to understand their concerns and maximize their impacts and social value.

Analyze the reputation of Germany and German companies from a Latin America perspective.

Describe international development actors/organizations/programmes and products that can provide solutions to challenges raised by corporations.

Show opportunities and benefits for companies that engage in strategic CR in developing countries.

Provide a number of recommendations for public institutions as well as private companies on how to improve social impacts and development goals when investing in developing countries.