Conceptual framework to define Base of the Pyramid communities

Oct. 2009 - Jun. 2010

Development of a conceptual framework for accurately defining the BoP based on its access to human basic needs in Latin America, and doing the first approach to identify gaps in unmet human basic needs.

A thorough information analysis was performed evaluating the offer of statistics available from each country quantifying the access to basic needs from different income-levels of households. The study also provided an update of statistical sources per country concerning access to water, energy, education, food, health, housing and ITC.

Provided services

Identify a common BoP state of the art definition.

Analysis of different trends of thought on how BoP is conceptualized; identification of key conceptual differences and key commonalities in the definitions.

Defining the BoP with an access to human basic needs approach.

A conceptual framework for a BoP analysis based on access to needs, key challenges measuring access to opportunities, human basic needs applicable to the BoP community.

State of access to basic human needs in Latin America. Analysis of that status for each human basic need identified, identification of market dimension contributing to development solutions, and identification of key challenges and opportunities.

Quantifying basic needs of the BoP community. BoP population per country and per human basic need, information sources of each basic need identified, and limitations on information sources.

Defining a common framework for BoP identification and impact quantification. Methodological framework to help IFC investment officers identify, categorize and evaluate BoP projects and impacts.