Europe 2020 – Workshops on Inclusive Business

Belgium, France, Spain
Apr. 2011 - Jul.2013

Within the framework of the Enterprise 2020 program, CSR Europe and the co-organizers, including GlobalCAD, have set-up a series of encounters with private sector companies to support them in defining innovative inclusive business models. Each session focused on a key specific aspect of the inclusive business. Companies were involved in role play workshops and group activities to stimulate their knowledge, challenge their vision and provide them with the necessary tools to further strengthen their capacity of developing inclusive business models.

Services provided

Organisation of the first session in Barcelona, with the participation of around 50 entities.

Workshops with specific focus aiming at providing practical and transferable skills to attending managers in order for them to fully understand what an efficient and effective base of the pyramid strategy must consider.

A toolkit, co-designed by the organizers to offer companies all tools and knowledge for inclusive business with the objective of drastically increase chances of success of their initiatives.