Develop and promote the index of access to opportunities to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Latin America

Jan. 2008 - Jun. 2008

Develop a regional study on inequality of opportunity in the LAC region. Equality of opportunity requires that a person’s chances to succeed in life (access to basic services, to education, to a quality job, to adequate consumption levels) should be unrelated to predetermined circumstances at birth such as race, sex, the area of birth, and socioeconomic and demographic origin. Better understanding and measuring how opportunities are being allocated in LAC will allow policymakers to diagnose if public policies are being effective in increasing and in allocating opportunities adequately, and can guide policy redesign. Moreover, acting upon reducing inequality of opportunity might prove quite effective for reducing future inequality of outcomes.

Services provided


Consultation of Statistical Institutes whose data were being used.

Analysis of results and elaboration of the report with findings.

Consultations with academics and government officials about the approach and the results.

Dissemination of the findings and the reports