Feasibility study on the market potential for energy efficiency measures in pre-fabricated buildings

The Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) of the city of Tbilisi has been elaborated under the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Initiative of the European Commission. The major objective of the CoM is the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gases by 20% until 2020. One of the major reduction potentials in Tiblisi is in the housing sector. The study, elaborated by a CAD expert in collaboration with an architectural office, provides a first analysis of the technical and economic potential of the integration of energy efficiency in prefabricated buildings based on a market approach. The study takes the economic discourse in Georgia into account and provides first measures that would be technically and economically viable.

Services provided:

Technical and economic analysis of existing buildings in Georgia, in cooperation with an architect specialized in energy efficiency in buildings. 

Development of recommendations for first measures to be undertaken.

Interviews with relevant stakeholders.

Development of recommendations on energy efficiency in existing buildings in Georgia.