Feasibility study for a climate change centre

Sept. 2010 - Nov. 2010

Set up the cornerstones of the Climate Change Centre for Adaptation and Low Carbon Development (hereafter the CCCVC or the Centre) in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, Transportation and Environment of the Maldives and UNDP. The project aims at defining the key aspects of such an institution, including the following outputs:

  1. A realistic and achievable vision.
  2. A long-term objective.
  3. A potential business model based on a definition of clients and services and grounded on a definitive governance structure.
  4. A sustainable strategy for financing (resource mobilization).
  5. A cooperation and engagement plan with other initiatives and institutions.
  6. An assessment for the demand of its services.
  7. A preliminary evaluation of the necessary budget to carry out the proposed business model (based on a quantifiable profile of the required human, financial and technical resources).

Services provided:

Benchmarking analysis and first stakeholder mapping.
Stakeholder and demand analysis (Maldives); including a cooperation and engagement plan with local stakeholders.

Feasibility analysis matching expectations with the results of the benchmarking study.

Stakeholder and demand analysis (global); Draft Strategic Plan.

Final report on the development of a Climate Change Centre for Adaptation and Low Carbon Development in the Maldives.