Better Work Communications and Marketing Study

The Better Work programme is a partnership between the IFC and the International Labour Organization to improve labour standards compliance in the apparel industry, currently operating in seven countries. The program delivers services to the apparel supply chain (buyers and factories), focusing on four areas: (1) social compliance assessments, (2) advisory services that create new/ more effective internal structures, (3) classroom trainings and (4) sector level policy advice and stakeholder engagement on key issues (e.g. minimum wages, labour law reform, competitiveness and trade policy, etc). Better Work would like to understand global companies’ engagement needs with respect to public relations, stakeholder communications, crisis management and internal practice alignment. Better Work seeks to identify and effectively communicate its added value in these areas and understand the possible pricing options depending upon engagement level.

Services provided

Analysis of the engagement needs of global brands and how

Better Work’s value proposition is tailored to address them.

Preparation of pricing models that accommodate different scenarios of company involvement.

Advice on the communication and marketing products that fit the above data.