Data base for Green Economy and SCP

The Cleaner Production Regional Activity Centre (CP/RAC) is currently launching the development of a database for financing mechanisms related to its main activity areas in the Mediterranean. The objective of the research is to support CP/RAC in its mission to promote sustainable consumption and production in the region through a more mainstreamed implementation of its activities with programs and activities of the local governments, as well as of donor and research organizations.

The research is mainly focused on the identification of funding opportunities, especially for SMEs and other local organizations, in the following areas:

Sustainable Consumption and Production, efficient resource use and cleaner production, environmental management systems; green procurement, green events, the management of toxic substances with a special emphasis on mercury and POPs, Eco-design, LCA; sustainable lifestyles, life cycle analysis, sustainable entrepreneurship (social and environmental), and social innovation.

Services provided

Analysis of the technical and geographical focus of CPRAC.

Identification of suitable partners and funding opportunities.

Development of an online/interactive database on financing and partnering mechanisms for Green Economy and SCP in the Mediterranean.