Promoting base of the pyramid initiative

Aug. 2010 - May. 2011

The objective of the project was to train Innobasque to develop a Base of the Pyramid programme in order to lead Basque businesses towards socially sustainable practices. By promoting the development of innovative inclusive and responsible businesses, economic growth can be matched with social development that benefits both businesses and society.

The project is divided into two parts: analysis of the potential for the development of BoP initiatives in Basque companies and feasibility study and development of an inclusive business model for Basque companies, training for Innobasque.

Services provided

Identification and analysis of principal actors/organizations for innovative business / BoP initiatives in the Basque Country, market analysis, identification of opportunities for BoP business.

Strategic report: new innovative opportunities for Basque inclusive businesses on an international scale.

Design and development of training material about inclusive business, organisation of workshops/ training.

Development of and final report about BoP business models.