Balance of payments and the position on international investments

Feb. 2010 - Mar. 2011
 The overall objective is to strengthen the common work developed by the Central Banks and Ministries of Finance of the MERCOSUR countries, in the context of the Macroeconomic Monitoring Group (GMG) through harmonized methodologies, a statistical basis for development of comparable indicators and analysis of issues related to macroeconomic convergence process of the countries of MERCOSUR, using, where appropriate, the European experience. Carrying out studies to strengthen the institutions and the competence of the key actors in the process of harmonization and validation of macroeconomic statistics in the area of balance of payments and international investment position.

Provided services:

Conducting studies in Paraguay.

Development of procedure manuals on remittances and data collection.

Analysis of the tourism sector.

Study on the country's informal trade.

Collection and analysis of tax statistics.

Development of a survey on foreign direct investment.

Establishing a system to register.