Armenia Doing Business Reform

The IFC’s Armenia Regulatory Simplification – Doing Business Reform Project aims at improving the business environment in Armenia, with a particular focus on SMEs, through the reform of a set of key administrative barriers, in particular, business inspections. It includes several components: survey, policy work, consulting and outreach. One of the directions of the Project is assisting the Government of Armenia in the implementation of inspection reforms. The objective of this Project is to create a risk-based inspection system in Armenia.

Services provided

Definition of a risk assessment methodology for Occupational Hygiene and Health Care Facilities and establish risk-based criteria for these areas.

Development of a mechanism for inspection targeting in these areas, recommending a variable inspection frequency for each risk category that will allow the inspections staff to effectively spend more time in high-risk establishments that pose the greatest potential risks.

Drafting of checklists that will be used during inspection visits at medical facilities and checking compliance with occupational hygiene.

Review of technical regulations in the area of Occupational Hygiene and Health Care and advice on possible amendments to put them in line with the proposed checklists, and provide sample documents on topics based on EU practice.

Preparation of technical specifications for mechanisms for data collection and parameters to be included in databases of supervised entities and individuals.

Implementation of training for Armenian inspection staff.