Development partnership for alternative scenarios to the oil sector in Africa

Oct. 2007 - May. 2008

 The Programme “d’Appui aux Développement du Département de N’Dougou (PADDN)” is a partnership that focuses on piloting a strategic and participatory approach to the long-term development strategy in view of the post-oil era. The initiative aims to provide both a platform for countrywide discussion and a learning ground for the necessary adjustments in the country’s governance in relation with the end of the oil exploitation (foreseen within the next 20 years).

The key objective of the mission was to review the PADDN partnership and perform a basic needs analysis for helping take the partnership to the next step. In order to perform such analysis, it was requested to present a report highlighting key recommendations on how the capacity of the partners and the partnership as a whole could be built up to increase partnership effectiveness.

Services provided

Create a managerial structure for PADDN implementation

Create a thorough support action plan

Focus on results

Reconsider value chain

Enhance human capital and strengthen active partners

Design a communication strategy

Scale-up and design funding strategy