Development of Business Innovation Development Facilities in post-Busan Frameworks

Bangladesh, Colombia, Mozambique, Zambia

The Business in Development Facility, as an implementing mechanism for the Busan process, aims to help governments systematically drive the engagement of business in development, thereby leveraging the resources and innovation of companies, achieving development results more efficiently, directly supporting government development plans, helping donor agencies coordinate their business programmes and providing a route for companies to tackle the social issues that affect their business.

The BIDF is promoting the creation of a locally-owned and run Business in Development Hub in Colombia, Mozambique, Bangladesh and Zambia, building on existing structures and existing work to date, and promoting the acceleration and incubation of partnerships and inclusive business in such local markets.

Services provided

Define and approve the list of stakeholders to be interviewed with key partners

Strategic Partnership Matrix with a quantitative system proposed for host selection

Perform the survey analysis with key stakeholders

Detailed report with key information on all organizations interviewed

Draft report framing recommendations for Hub mission, vision and core activities

Stakeholder workshop to decide Hub’s scope and structure and frame a joint operational plan and implementation roadmap

Hold implementation meetings with host and core partners

Adapted and approved strategic report with final recommendations for mission, vision, core activities, host, governance structure, short & long-term strategies, M&E and implementation plan