Development of an Indicator System to guide the Evaluation of the National Climate Change Policy

Jul. 2016 - Apr. 2017


A team of GlobalCAD experts supported the INECC on behalf of UNDP Mexico in the development of an indicator system, which guides the monitoring and evaluation of the Mexican climate change policy. The indicator system builds on already existing efforts in Mexico, and takes into account relevant international good practices.

The work was carried out based on extensive consultations with key international and national stakeholders, as well as the systematic review of the relevant policies and documents.

The consultant team composed of international and local experts provided the following services:

Analysis of international good practices of indicator systems for climate change mitigation and adaptation policies.

Analysis of existing indicator systems and monitoring capacities in Mexico with relevance to the climate change policy.

Based on the above, development of an indicator system to guide the monitoring and evaluation of the National Climate Change Policy of Mexico