Development of a Green Growth Plan for Surabaya, Indonesia (SUEEP - Phase3): Inclusive Green Growth for EAP Cities

 Apr.2015 - Jul.2016

The Green Growth Plan comprised of two parts:

1. Green Growth Energy and Emissions Plan to pursue an energy efficient and low carbon city development that will define the city’s energy future.

2. Green Business Plan which contains priority projects and initiatives with a clear direction and roadmap to help identify and market PPP opportunities for increasing private sector participation in green infrastructure investment.

GlobalCAD was mainly responsible for project management and technical coordination, as well as supported the development of Surabaya’s Green Business Plan.


Stocktaking review to set up a solid ground and a refined methodology before embarking in developing a Green Growth Plan for Surabaya.

Developing Green Business Plan and making recommendations on the enabling environment for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy investment so that more projects are viable.

Energy and emissions policy analysis to enable policy environment to implement SUEEP in Surabaya.

Establishing suitable and formal institutional links that is integrated into the functions of the municipality for implementation.

Providing a capacity building to the city’s relevant stakeholders.