Partnership and User engagement strategy for the Climate Finance Options Platform

UNDP and the World Bank Group have developed the CLIMATE FINANCE OPTIONS online platform with the objective of providing comprehensive guidance on financial options available for climate action in developing countries. This initiative addresses information needs on the multitude of funds available for climate action in developing countries. Based on the UNFCCC framework, this platform is composed of two complementary domains (one led by UNFCCC and one by UNDP/ World Bank Group) both of which contribute to catalyzing financial and investment flows leading to more effective and efficient mitigation and adaptation measures. To turn the platform into a global reference for all relevant climate finance related stakeholders, including governments and practitioners, the UNDP/ World Bank team has asked CAD to develop a user engagement and partnership strategy for the platform.

Services provided

Analysis of the platform stakeholders and target user groups and their respective information and engagement requirements.

Creation of a partnership strategy in order to consolidate and strengthen existing partnerships, as well as identify and engage new partners that provide more resources, help further improve the platform content, identify and assess (or review, where applicable) the value that social media can contribute to reaching the platform’s overall objectives, and finally, to maximize the distribution outreach of the platform.

Improvement of knowledge generation and knowledge sharing/transfer of the platform contents.

Creation of an action plan to significantly increase the global usage of the platform, thereby further strengthening its status and turning it into the global reference.