DCED Overview of green growth approaches for private sector development (PSD) programmes

The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) is a long-standing forum for donors, foundations and UN agencies working in private sector development, who share experiences, identify innovations and formulate guidance on effective practice. DCED’s Green Growth Working Group (GGWP), created in 2011, seeks to promote green and inclusive growth strategies in PSD, amongst others by developing and disseminating knowledge products that address specific aspects of inclusive green growth conducive to PSD.

In this context, the objective of the assignment was to create a knowledge product that provides a systematic synthesis of the different Green PSD Approaches and related tools/instruments available. This included clearly defining green growth in the context of PSD as well as what the document considers to be Green PSD approaches, and highlighting target groups, linkages between the approaches, evidence-based good practices, case studies and the potential impact. It also includes a critical reflection with respect to the challenges, weaknesses and limitations of each of the approaches.


Services Provided:

Identification and screening of recent publications covering green PSD approaches

Provision of a definition of Green Growth in the way PSD programmes can contribute to it

Conduction of interviews and questionnaires with key stakeholders to get information about green PSD approaches

Provision of an overview of different green PSD approaches, their target group, good practices, tools, instruments and case studies including how and what results have been achieved