Corporate Social Responsibility for Aga Khan Foundation companies

Sept. 2008 - Jun. 2009

 The programme was designed to support the implementation of a more integrated approach to CSR into AKDN companies to ensure that CSR becomes a mainstream part of normal business practices.

Key objectives were:

  1. Identify where businesses are conducting activities in a systematic and integrated way.
  2. Help with internal gap analysis, reinforce on-going good work and highlight areas for improvement.
  3. Provide a practical framework and tools for improving performance and communicating progress.
  4. Offer further regional/country-based training and tailored one-to-one company support.

Services provided:

Development of training, evaluation and strategic plans for Corporate Social Responsibility among Aga Khan Foundation companies.

Country-based network meetings and capacity building workshops.

Elaboration of CSR strategic plans for 3 companies.

Tailored one to one support for 3 companies.