Consultancy to accompany the UCLG 2022 Town Hall process

03/2022 - 12/2022

Following the outcomes of the Durban Town Hall, continued spaces for dialogue and interaction between different stakeholders and the political leadership of the local and regional government constituency were created.

The 2022 UCLG Town Hall aimed to renew the structured dialogue between the local and regional governments constituency and internationally organized civil society and to strengthen the presence of international partners and 3 cross-cutting caucuses (youth, feminism and accessibility).

The Town Halls create unique spaces for dialogue and interaction between internationally organized civil society constituencies and the political leadership of the local and regional government constituency.

GlobalCAD supports, under this activity, the identification of key strategic messages throughout the phases of the four Town Halls and their respective processes.

To that end, GlobalCAD works to analyse the conclusions of the UCLG meets, carry out consultations with the main participants of every Town Hall to obtain the inputs and then translated them into strategic messages. These messages are defined in accordance with every step of the phase of the Town Halls and adapted to the specific field of work of each of them.


Services Provided:

Preparation of report with strategic messaging adapted to the respective moments and sessions of the Town Hall

Preparation of communication strategic report to support narrative and outreach

Coordination of four policy papers from outline to final validation to be presented

Communication product 1 & 2 to showcase the voices of the Town Hall

Report from the World Congress with products and support provided

Preparation of an event press kit, with insights and recommendations to meet the needs of different media outlets.

Identification of the main media stakeholders, according to their scope and topics

Social Media strategy to generate momentum on the relevant topics and the event itself, targeting specific media outlets and key influencer profiles (social media cards, audiovisual materials, messaging, conversation, timelines).

Create key, strategic messages, that are relevant and resonate with the communities.

Dissemination of the outcomes of the event with main media stakeholders, and key actors as well as the events ́highlights.