Consultancy Services for Pilot Testing the Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA) in Peru

Jan.2016 - Jun.2016

The objective of this assignment was to apply GGGI’s Green Growth Potential Assessment (GGPA) in Peru. GGPA is a tool to support the government in carrying out a gap analysis as a preliminary step toward the formulation of its National Green Growth Strategy. The findings would support the Government of Peru in setting the goals and developing concrete strategies and plans in making the transition toward green growth. The results of the study also helped GGGI to align its strategic interventions in Peru and was intended to inform the international development community regarding the overall green growth landscape in the country.

The project was structured into three components:

1. Extensive desktop research covering a situation analysis in the context of green growth for achieving sustainable development in Peru

2. Validation of the results of the desk research through stakeholder consultation, followed by the identification of priority issue-sector pairs based on Delphi method

3. Rapid analysis of priority sectors and drafting of key recommendations for future green growth interventions

CAD coordinated the implementation of all project activities carried out by the consortium partners across the three components and was leading Component 1.

Associated  consultants:

Conducting desk research and draft a GGPA country report: identification of key issues and challenges related to Green Growth in Peru, the underlying natural and human induces drivers and relevant sectors; existing policy initiatives at national and international level and how they relate to green grow

Presentation of the results of the GGPA to stakeholders and facilitate consultations

Formulation of policy recommendations for Peru`s National Green Growth Strategy

Provision of feedback on the GGPA pilot application to inform improvements in the methodology