Climate Change Awareness Programme For Policy Makers & Government Ministries

In order to address the emerging challenges of climate change, adaptation is needed across all sectors of Jamaica’s economy. However, the lack of awareness of the potential impacts of climate change as well as measures to build climate resilience, and mechanisms in place to encourage adaptation measures impose significant barriers to adaptation in the country. The development and implementation of a Climate Change Awareness Programme for Policy Makers and Government Ministries seek to overcome those barriers. The objective of this programme is to increase awareness of the causes and impacts of climate change and to build capacity for climate change mainstreaming into development planning in Jamaica.

The consultancy serves to identify needs and gaps among the target audiences, evaluate methods of training delivery, assess the experiences of other countries in implementing climate change awareness programmes, conduct targeted workshops and seminars at national and local government levels, and provide communication strategies, tools, training and relevant information to generate long-term behavioral change.


Main pictures: Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons.

Overall project management

Stakeholder and needs/gaps analysis, including in-depth interviews and surveys

Assessing the experiences of other countries in implementing climate change awareness programmes and determining existing awareness campaigns and tools to be adapted to suit the Jamaican target audiences

Designing and developing a Climate Change Awareness Programme

Preparing printed and electronic training materials

Delivering 16 workshops, seminars and meetings on national and regional level, for ministries, policy makers, municipal authorities, and civil society