#CitiesAreListening Knowledge Hub

05/2021 - 09/2021

Taking the Live Learning Experience Knowledge Hub as a basis, GlobalCAD has created an online platform to present and document the main conclusions generated by the #CitiesAreListening discussions as core, valuable outputs for the participatory roadmap to the 7th UCLG World Congress. The first phase of the project included the documentation and presentation of the advances on the debates, whilst the second one consisted in dynamising the material and contents, concluding with the promotion of voices for action.


Services Provided:

Amplify the Live learning Experience Knowledge Hub by incorporating the main results and conclusions of the #CitiesareListening debates

Define the correspondence between the thematic axes of the website and the information pieces generated in the frame of the debates

Analyze the current structure of the LLE Hub and rethink it, including the layout and sections

Develop new contents, ensuring complementation of the inputs produced during the session and the consultation of further bibliography (if needed)

Translate the contents to English, French and Spanish

Create visual contents and program the diffusion of the production