Business Sector Situation Analysis of children’s rights and well-being in Malawi

01/2022 - Ongoing

The main objective of this assignment was to conduct a diagnostic of the business sector in Malawi, examining the degree to which the business sector is a key stakeholder in addressing child deprivations, the direct or indirect impact of business operations and practices on children’s well-being and UNICEF’s ability to achieve programmatic goals, and the influence of business or broader industry on determining national development plans or poverty reduction strategies.

In this context, GlobalCAD, jointly with Kadale Consultants, led the overall development of the business sector SitAn. The consortium identified child deprivations linked with business practices, actions, or inaction. Through several data gathering tools (surveys, interviews) it also assessed the role businesses play in providing essential services, as well as its potential of engagement to enhance children rights to UNICEF’s 5 business focus areas.


Services Provided:

Identification of child rights deprivations derived from or significantly influenced by business practices, actions or inaction.

Analysis of business roles and motivations, their accountability and their capacity to act.

Assessment of the enabling environment on business incentives, gaps and constraints that significantly influence business practices and their impact on children

Mapping of key sectors and identifying relevant stakeholders.

Identification of pathways to influence individual businesses or industry for programme, policy and advocacy.