Assessment of the role of the business sector to contribute to the realization of children's rights in Mozambique

GlobalCAD was selected to implement this consultancy project to conduct a mapping of the landscape in Mozambique, an assessment of the role and direct and indirect linkages of the business sector with the realization of children’s rights, and an analysis and recommendations of potential partnership areas for the UNICEF Mozambique 2022-2026 Country Programme.

Some of the objectives were:

  1. Mapping key industry sectors and companies, as well as identifying relevant stakeholders, such as regulators, industry associations, chambers of commerce, public ministries, key development actors, CSOs, etc.
  2. Examine the enabling environment (i.e., laws, policies, and regulations) on business, to understand their incentives, gaps and constraints that determine business practices that have an impact on children.
  3. Drawing on the Multidimensional Child Poverty Report in Mozambique, identify linkages of the business sector practices with child rights deprivations.
  4. Analyze key business actor roles and motivations, their accountability and their capacity to address their impacts and contribute to the advancement of children’s rights
  5. Recommend pathways to influence the private sector, leverage existing initiatives and engage with business actors for programme, policy and advocacy initiatives


Services Provided:

Data collection (desk review and online survey)

Semi-structured interviews to partnership focal points in each sector

Analysis of business sector environment and private sector mapping

Child deprivations linked with private sector activities

Analysis of key business roles and motivations to engage in children's rights