Acceleration program for maximizing the impact and effectiveness of partnerships in Chiapas and Yucatan Peninsula

Mentoring program focused on maximizing the impact and effectiveness of five partnerships formed by civil society organizations, academia, NGOs, foundations and private sector organizations operating in the Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas. The program offered a diagnosis of the needs of each of the alliances, direct technical support in two specific areas to be selected from five pre-established options: Articulation of the partnerships; Resource mobilization strategy; Management reinforcement; Communication; and Transition plan. Once the support areas had been selected, the program co-created an action plan implemented by the alliances with the direct support of GlobalCAD. 



Services Provided:

Analysis and documentary research to develop a deep understanding of the reality of alliances.

Identification and selection of support areas.

Preparation of action plans.

Direct mentoring.

Follow-up workshops.

Identification of lessons learned.

Elaboration of a long-term action plan.

Development of a Monitoring and Evaluation framework.